We appreciate all of the current and former contributors to HBP, Inc.  

Dick Ayscue
Bruce B. Babcock 
   In Memory of Charles H. Babcock
Mr. and Mrs. Francis H. Bahnson Olan B. Beam
Stephen and Kim Berlin
Thomas J Beroth, Sr
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bower, Jr.
Paul Briggs
John F. Cardarelli
Richard and Jane Carmichael
John A. Cocklereece, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David Cotterill
R. Michael Cude, Jr
Joseph H. Cutchen, III
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Davis
John and Mary Jane Dewees
Mr. and Mrs. C. Wayne Dodson Christina U. Douglas
Phyllis Dunning
Donald Earnhardt
McDara P. Folan, III and 
     Ragan Folan
Dr. Robert V. Ford, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Frey
Richard V. Fulp
Paul L. Fulton, Jr. and Vera 
     Vrsecky Fulton
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony L. Furr
David E. Gall
Steven B. Gallo
Alice T. Garner 
   In Honor of Carolyn & Ken Melton
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Graham, Jr. Mrs. Victor F. Harllee, Jr.
Beverly Newman Hartgrove
Mr. and Mrs. Michael O. Hartley 
   In Honor of Jennifer Bean Bower
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Heller 
   In Honor of Dick Ayscue
Charles R. Hemrick
Catherine G. Hendren 
   In Honor of all Executive Directors 
   of HBP 
Dr. and Mrs. Edward G. Hill, Jr.
Linda A. Hobbs
Mr. and Mrs. William K. Hoyt
Frances Huetter
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Janeway
Mr. and Mrs. Warren C. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Henry H. Jordan
Dr. and Mrs. Frederic R. Kahl
Mr. and Mrs. M. Keith Kapp
Linwood R. King
Dr. and Mrs. Paul E. Kuhl
Dr. & Mrs. Michael A. Kutcher
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Larsen
John C. Larson
Mr. and Mrs. Adrian W. Lawerence
William T. Lawler
Mr. & Mrs. Harley D. Leonard 
   In Honor of Brittany & Danielle
Mr. & Mrs. Douglas R. Lewis
Harry Lineback
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Macy
Jane R. Marvin
Mr. and Mrs. John B. McKinnon 
Scott McNeely
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Mickey
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Mulcox
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Murphy
Beverly A. Nesbit
Lucile Newman
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Louis Newman
Mr. and Mrs. Sam C. Ogburn, Sr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey J. Overby
Audry S. Parsons
George W. Paynter  
Francis D. Pepper, Jr. 
W. David Piner
Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Reece III 
   In Honor of Hayes Wauford 
John Lea D. Reynolds
Evelyn Horton Rickert 
   In Honor of Rosalie Horton 
Ann Garner Riddle
Clay V. Ring, Jr. 
Mr. and Mrs. Keith Roberts
Edward Norwood Robinson
Tanner G. Robinson
Rev. Dr. and Dr. Cedric S. Rodney Margaret T. Russell
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Sears, Jr. John Shore
Anna M. Smith
Valerie Briggs Solomon
R. Arthur Spaugh
Trina Stahl
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Starbuck Mr. and Mrs. Karl A. Stimpson Nancy T. Sumner 
   In Memory of Paul & Isabelle Hine 
M. Louise Thomas
Jeremy M. Thorne
Michael Trawick
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hayes
   Wauford Jr. 
Arthur G. Weber
Louise Bauer Whealton
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Whittenton Elizabeth T. Willard
Clara M. Wilson
Mrs. Thomas W. Young 
   In Memory of Tom & Worth Young
Audubon Garden Club 
Audubon Society of Forsyth County
Bethabara Moravian Church
Bethabara Trace Homeowners’     
Daughters of the American
     Revolution, Battle of Shallow 
     Ford Chapter
Higgins for Education
Historic Bethabara Park, Inc.             
John W & Anna H. Hanes    Foundation 
Kulynich Family Foundation II Inc. 
Macy’s Foundation 
Nance and Overbey, PLLC 
Old Town Road Neighborhood    
Preserve Historic Forsyth Preservation North Carolina 
Richard J Reynolds III and Marie  
     Mallouk Reynolds Foundation Salem Funeral Home 
Sam N. Carter and Pauline H. Carter
     Fund, The Winston Salem
T. W. Garner Food Company 
The Cannon Foundation, Inc. Thomas D. and Katherine E. M.
    Schroeder Fund, The Winston
    Salem Foundation 
Wachovia Historical Society

In Kind: 
James R. Douglas 
Bill Hege Carpets

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